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Edward Leszynski

Edward Leszynski monologues


Justin Carter

201708 Justin Carter monologues

20170819 Conference call with Justin Carter

Tivon Rivers

20170624 Tivon Rivers interviewed by his wife

Radio shows

Art Bell

20031116 Roger Tolces interview

Coast to coast AM

20030612 Roger Tolces about electronic harassment

20160215 Roger Tolces and Michael Bell about artificial dreams

Contending for truth

20150705 Scott Johnson about electronic mind control

20180225 Scott Johnson about himself

20180225 Scott Johnson about targeted individuals

The investigative journal

20060419 Julianne McKinney interview

The Kev Baker show

20160504 Michael Sweeney accuses Freemasons

The people speak

20160210 James Tracy about stalking by a network

The informer report

20120922 Eleanor White interview

The power hour

20091130 Eleanor White interview

Truth frequency radio

20160201 Episode 77: Keith Labella interview

Truth jihad radio

20140506 Psychologist Seth Farber and two electronic harassment victims speak out

Truther girls

20110508 The targeting of Stephen Shellenberger


Manic subversion

Waves of darkness

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