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This archive contains incidents where the victim was a targeted individual. + = good for activism, - = bad for activism.

1992 Maryland, USA Minus icon John Akwei vs. NSA
North Carolina, USA Plus icon Mildred Cooper fears government zapping
1994 California, USA Minus icon John Ginter’s complaint
1996 Hong Kong, Asia Plus icon Professor Huang Si-ming vs. USA
Belgium, Europe Plus icon Myrianne Coen vs. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1998 Washington, D.C., USA Plus icon Harlan Girard charges illegal experiments
2000 Detroit, Michigan, USA Plus icon Charlotte and Judge Smith haunted by their TV set
2000-2008 Vilas County, Wisconsin, USA Plus icon Mary Jackson railroaded
2004 Mission, Texas, USA Plus icon Jesus Mendoza Maldonado vs. Law school
2005 Miami, Florida, USA Plus icon Aisha Goodison vs. Madonna
2006 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Plus icon Gang stalking in Peterborough
2007 Louisville, Kentucky, USA Plus icon Connie Marshall’s complaints
Avondale Estates, Georgia, USA Minus icon Theodore Jackson vs. CIA
2008–2014 Ohio, USA Plus icon Garrick Krlich vs. 40 stalkers
2008–present Tomball, Texas, USA Plus icon Leatrice Carley vs. Tomball police
2009–present UK, Europe Plus icon Blacklisting of 3213 construction workers
2009–2010 North Carolina, USA Plus icon Christopher Brunson’s affidavit of torture
2010 USA Minus icon Stephen Ahmann’s class-action lawsuit
Washington, D.C., USA Minus icon Mireille Torjman vs. alphabet agencies
Owing Mills, Maryland, USA Minus icon Erica Taylor’s complaint
Slough, UK, Europe Plus icon Jane Clift vs. Slough Council
2011 Saint Charles, Montana, USA Minus icon Greg Gamache’s complaint
Richmond, California, USA Plus icon Amy Anderson’s complaint
Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Europe Plus icon J. Van der Slik vs. group
Florida, USA Plus icon Donna Watts vs. 88 colleagues
2012 Brooklyn, New York, USA Plus icon Keith Labella vs. FBI
2013 New York, USA Plus icon 2 men charged with building a death ray machine
Virginia, USA Minus icon Jeffrey Kantor vs. 10 agencies
Turkey, Asia Plus icon Mysterious death of 4 engineers
New York City, USA Plus icon Hollywood Stuntz assault
2013-2016 Oregon - Modesto, California, USA Plus icon Todd Giffen’s complaints
2014 California, USA Plus icon Kathleen Watterson vs. neighbor
2014-2016 Wirral, UK Minus icon Philip Kerr vs. MI5
2015 Los Angeles, California, USA Plus icon Professor Matthew Barasch vs. Dr. Phil
Columbus, Ohio, USA Minus icon Darlene Miles complaint
California Minus icon Richard Cain vs. hospitals
Battle Ground, Columbia, Canada Plus icon Brandon Maulding beaten to death
2016 Bratislava, Slovakia, Europe Plus icon 5 victims from Slovakia
London, UK, Europe Plus icon Dr. Katherine Horton vs. secret services
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Plus icon Emanuel Kahsai manipulated in prison
2017 Manhattan, New York, USA Plus icon Joaquin Guzman manipulated in prison
Martinez, USA Plus icon Deandre Lewis manipulated in prison
2018 Los Angeles, California, USA Minus icon Scott York vs. police, FBI and DoD

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