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Booklets have typically less than 100 pages, and they were not promoted as a real book.


  1. Booklets written by ordinary citizens

Booklets written by ordinary citizens

PDF file icon CATCH brochure by Norma Cross (229.4 K, 25 pages). CATCH was the first website about gang stalking. Eleanor White and Norma Cross were the first activists in the field of gang stalking. They didn’t treat mobbing as a type of gang stalking. Their definition of gang stalking describes only gang stalking by the state. This provokes immediately the embarrassing question: “Who would want to do this and why?” and the embarrassing answer: “I never heard about this.” The result is that people tune you out.

PDF file icon French flag Du harcèlement en réseau au harcèlement global by Josselyne Abadie (282.9 K, 24 pages). This booklet taught me nothing new, but for people who speak only French, this will be a good introduction.

PDF file icon The silent massacre by Max Williams (401.3 K, 73 pages). Max Williams has a degree in history. His story is too different from the usual stories. It cannot be trusted.

PDF file icon Zersetzen by Roderick Russell (130.0 K, 67 pages).

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