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Books have typically more than 100 pages, or they were promoted as a real book.


  1. Scientific books
  2. Books written by doctors
  3. Books written by soldiers
  4. Books written by ordinary citizens

Scientific books

PDF file icon The authoritarians by Bob Altemeyer (1.3 MB, 261 pages). Authoritarians are people who want to surrender to an authority and do everything the authorities tell them to do. Gang stalkers are clearly authoritarians.

Books written by doctors

PDF file icon Silent terror by Dr. Arnold Lockshin (Ph. D. biochemistry) (26.9 MB, 89 pages). He and his family experienced a harassment campaign from the FBI. They were harassed in the same way as most targets and they were labelled mentally ill. They got asylum in the Soviet Union.

Books written by soldiers

PDF file icon Torture, killing me softly by Tek Nath Rizal (1.3 MB, 122 pages). He spent 10 years in prison where he was tortured with electronic harassment. An Indian professor confirms this in the foreword.

Books written by ordinary citizens

These citizens are usually activists.

Books written by Eleanor White

PDF file icon American flag Chinese flag French flag German flag Dutch flag Portuguese flag Spanish flag Organized stalking: information for people for whom this crime is a new issue (3.4 MB, 449 pages). This book was meant for people who never heard of gang stalking. It aims to be some sort of scientific work. She aims to set a standard for our behavior. I would understand this if she solved our problem this way, but she has been saying these things for more than 20 years, and the return is zero.

PDF file icon More gang stalking (6.5 MB, 395 pages). She explains all sorts of technologies that can be used for harassment. She searches farfetched explanations instead of saying something about obvious spy products. She teaches how to do activism but where did her activism lead her? To the most northern point of Canada.

Books written by Mark Rich

Mark Rich is an activist from Massachusetts in the USA. He has done much research. His books are for victims and open-minded people. His books contain quotes that you will probably not find elsewhere.

PDF file icon The hidden evil (819.2 K, 82 pages). His first experience was mobbing. This gets much attention in his book. I have also a PDF file icon beautified book (329.1 K, 148 pages).

PDF file icon The hidden evil second edition (1.7 MB, 233 pages).

PDF file icon New world war second edition (2.9 MB, 391 pages).

He writes also about other conspiracy theories. I didn’t research this.

PDF file icon Invisible eugenics second edition (2.5 MB, 424 pages).

PDF file icon Planetary sabotage & human extermination (1.1 MB, 119 pages).

Books written by other ordinary citizens

PDF file icon Bridging the gap by GmB Bailey (1.7 MB, 116 pages). The goal is to maintain state control at all costs.

PDF file icon Electronic concentration camps by Youcef Zaouali (13.1 MB, 197 pages). Youcef Zaouali is an Algerian victim from Belgium.

PDF file icon Escape from Australia by Pietro Donato (2.0 MB, 177 pages). Pietro Donato is an Italian who changed Australia for Italy.

PDF file icon Gang-stalking and mind-control — The destruction of society through community spying networks by Anthony Forwood (300.1 K, 100 pages). The fascist government seeks to control every individual completely. He blames government as well as corporations.

PDF file icon Gangstalking — the forbidden book by me (10.9 MB, 339 pages). This book is for victims and open-minded people. It’s written in short sentences with simple grammar. It’s readable for people who are not fluent in English. And it has many pictures, cartoons and appendices. The main idea of this book is that all those gang stalkers are a secret society. This isn’t mentioned in the other books. 21-23% of all 11-13 year old Northern Irish children hear voices. So there had to be a book that is readable for 10 year old children.

PDF file icon German flag Mind control by the Catholic Church of Switzerland, beautified by me (3.6 MB, 154 pages). This is the first large organization that confirms the claims of mind control victims.

PDF file icon Ultimate psychopolitics, mass mind control & the global control system by Julianne McKinney (11.9 MB, 120 pages). This was published under the alias Ceres.

PDF file icon War at home by Brian Glick (2.7 MB, 97 pages). This book is about COINTELPRO.

PDF file icon What is gang stalking? by (5.9 MB, 408 pages). This author is a former member of the U.S. military who also worked as a security contractor.

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