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The devices are usually classified. The devices on this page are but a handful of things that we can prove.


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Organized crime groups use devices that emit harmful radiation. Some radiation is meant to be disabling while other radiation is meant to be mind-altering. The mind can be altered with specially modulated waves of very low intensity. These waves can contain undetectable hypnosis. Some victims have been relentlessly hypnotized for decades. Many victims complain of transmission of voices, images and dreams to the brain.

It’s a relatively new type of terrorism. These weapons can kill silently and from a distance and through brick walls without leaving any proof.

Let them never tell you that this doesn’t exist.

In 2013 Glendon Crawford and Eric Feight were arrested for building a deadly X-ray device.

Death ray machine arrest 1

This is a typical EMP rifle of 9.2 GHz 50 kW:

EMP rifle 9 GHz 50 kW

There are also models of 100 kW. They can be mounted on helicopters and drones.

This is a typical converted microwave oven:

Microwave cannon

Magnetrons can be mounted in arrays to form a powerful electromagnetic weapon. In 2006 someone applied for the patent.

In the following picture we see a typical magnetron with a body (green), antenna (yellow), wave guide (white) and aperture (red).


In the following picture we see magnetrons placed in a row, connected with deflectors (red).


The output from magnetron 1 is partly deflected and used as input by magnetron 2. The output from magnetron 2 is partly deflected and used as input by magnetron 1. This causes the magnetrons to be phase-locked. There’s precise phase, power and frequency control. The output will appear as one strong frequency. This is also very scalable: you can connect as many magnetrons as you wish.

In the following picture we see rows of magnetrons connected with pipes, and disguised as an upright piano.


The device in the following picture has been for sale on an online shop.

Silent sound mind control commercial device

Electronic diagrams

Eleanor White built a few devices to prove that V2K is doable. There are also online shops where they sell diagrams for do it yourself enthusiasts.

PDF file icon Electronics behind voice to skull by me (350.7 K, 17 pages).

PDF file icon Microwave voice to skull simulated with a 555 chip tachometer circuit by Eleanor White, drawing by me (10.4 K, 1 page). Eleanor White designed this circuit to simulate the microwave voice to skull method of Dr. Joseph Sharp (Ph. D. psychology). She has built such a device.

PDF file icon Silent sound demo device by Eleanor White, drawing by me (17.9 K, 1 page). Eleanor White designed this device as an exact replica of Lowery’s patent 5,159,703. She has built such a device.


PDF file icon Microwave cannon by Dr. Ytsen de Boer (Ph. D. experimental particle physics) (770.7 K, 6 pages).

PDF file icon Speech jammer: a system utilizing artificial speech disturbance with delayed auditory feedback by Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada (1.3 MB, 10 pages).

PDF file icon The poor man’s ray gun (deadly rays) by David Gunn (3.3 MB, 31 pages).

PDF file icon Ultrasonic directive speaker by Kazunori Miura (1019.1 K, 4 pages).


GBPPR is a hacker group (Green Bay Professional Packet Radio).

They published their designs on their website and in their magazine.

Web pages

PDF file icon Active denial system by † (1.6 MB, 32 pages).

PDF file icon Anti vehicle EMP device by † (447.6 K, 13 pages).

PDF file icon High energy radiofrequency device by † (5.2 MB, 55 pages).

PDF file icon Magnetron based EMP device by † (552.1 K, 13 pages).

PDF file icon Simple EMP generator by † (1.6 MB, 24 pages).


PDF file icon Magazine 29 (High energy radiofrequency device) by † (8.5 MB, 103 pages).

PDF file icon Magazine 38 (Simple EMP generator) by † (7.3 MB, 70 pages).

PDF file icon Magazine 39 (Magnetron based EMP device) by † (8.2 MB, 56 pages).

PDF file icon Magazine 40 (Anti vehicle EMP device) by † (10.2 MB, 69 pages).

PDF file icon Magazine 62 (Active denial system) by † (8.3 MB, 76 pages).


Some devices are designed for harassment while others are designed for normal use, but they could be used for harassment.

Harassment devices

PDF file icon Electronic mind control by † (262.4 K, 3 pages). Such devices were for sale on †

PDF file icon Random noises by (55.2 K, 1 page).

PDF file icon Sonic assault by (74.6 K, 1 page). This is a through-wall device.

PDF file icon Sonic nausea by (72.3 K, 1 page). This is a through-wall device.

PDF file icon TV attacker by (68.8 K, 1 page).

Normal applications

These applications are mentioned because of their harassment potential.

Parametric speakers

Most normal applications with harassment potential are parametric speakers.

On YouTube there are several demonstration videos which show parametric array devices.

PDF file icon Parametric array by Wikipedia (47.9 K, 3 pages).

PDF file icon Sound from ultrasound by Wikipedia (265.1 K, 8 pages).

LRAD Corporation

Hypersonic Sound was invented by Elwood Norris.

PDF file icon Theory, history, and the advancement of parametric loudspeakers by American Technology Corporation (799.2 K, 28 pages).

American Technology Corporation changed its name to LRAD Corporation on March 25, 2010.

Parametric Sound Corporation

This company focuses on home entertainment.

PDF file icon Parametric Sound Corporation research initiation by Parametric Sound Corporation (353.9 K, 28 pages).


Holosonic Audio Spotlight was invented by Dr. Frank Pompei (Ph. D. acoustics).

PDF file icon ProVision introduction by (156.2 K, 5 pages).


PDF file icon AudioBeam introduction by (85.8 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon AudioBeam instructions by (506.0 K, 10 pages).


Under construction icon Under construction.


PDF file icon Echolocation headphones - seeing space with sound by Aisen Chacin (645.6 K, 18 pages).

PDF file icon An application of parametric speaker technology to bus-pedestrian collision warning by Alexander Burka, Alaric Qin, Daniel Lee (1.7 MB, 6 pages).

Bus collision warning

PDF file icon FM radio station by (437.9 K, 7 pages). Such devices are used to broadcast fake news and fake weather reports to spoil a target’s day.


Unknown devices may become visible after accidents, clumsiness or natural disasters.

Unknown 1

Target Neal Chevrier found the following device in his driveway. It was probably dropped by a perp.

Unknown harassment device 1

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