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Before you start to read websites about gang stalking you should realize that disinfo is a very important part of gang stalking. Victims create websites, forums, books, videos, MP3’s and so on to spread their ideas. Gang stalkers will use the same means to spread their disinfo. They know government and the press so well that they can present their material so if government or the press want to read something about gang stalking then they will choose something that was made by gang stalkers, and if they want to invite a speaker, then they will invite a gang stalker.

Gang stalkers will always try to suppress the truth about gang stalking. But, if the word gets out, then gang stalkers will make it sound as crazy as possible.

Typically, if you believe that you are being stalked by several people, then you will have great difficulty to say this on TV. But, if they say something about mind control on TV, then they invite Magnus Olsson with his strange stories about nano implants.

Be a bit critical when you read. Some people present themselves as the Messiah of the targeted individuals, like “Dr. Robert Duncan.” There are much more con artists who flood conference calls, the internet, radio shows and even TV programs.

Don’t believe everything that you read or hear. Don’t believe everyone who says that he’s a victim. Some perps go to great lengths to establish an online reputation as a victim.

Some of these websites may be disinfo or even harassment platforms. Take a look at them and make your own opinion.

If a perp wants to mess with you then the easiest way is to pretend that he’s a victim.

  1. Disinfo for the unaware public.
    1. There is no organized stalking.
    2. Complaints about mind control can be explained as mental illness.
    3. COINTELPRO has stopped.
    4. Voice to skull can’t transmit an entire sentence into someone’s head.
    5. Gang stalking is an unnotable conspiracy theory of a fringe group.
  2. Disinfo for gang stalkers.
    1. The target has a long criminal record.
    2. The target is a thief.
    3. The target is a prostitute.
    4. The target is a drug user.
    5. The target is a drug dealer.
    6. The target is a pedophile.
    7. Electronic harassment is harmless.
    8. They are doing their community and country a great service.
    9. What they do is not illegal.
    10. The victim deserves it.
    11. The victim ordered the treatment (!).
  3. Disinfo for victims.
    1. Lies for victims.
      1. Gang stalking doesn’t exist.
        1. Gang stalking is an artificial experience that is caused by electronic harassment.
      2. Claims that the harassment is not done by the state, the Freemasons and the Mafia.
        1. The harassment is done by unknown groups.
        2. The harassment is done by anti-government groups.
        3. The harassment is done by extremist groups.
        4. The harassment is done by rogue cops.
        5. The harassment is done by some private militia.
        6. The harassment is done by terrorists.
        7. Gang stalkers are not human (devils, aliens, beings from another dimension).
      3. Claims that the goal is not total control over every individual.
        1. The goal is suicide.
        2. The goal is a rampage.
        3. The goal is to isolate you.
      4. Claims that minimize the role of gang stalkers.
        1. Gang stalkers are unaware of what they do because they are remotely controlled by the technology.
        2. Gang stalkers are unaware how bad it is for the victims.
        3. Gang stalkers are a group of loosely affiliated people.
        4. Only a small number of stalkers are necessary to keep up the harassment of a single victim.
        5. People are intrinsically good.
        6. There are also good cops, you should remain polite when you talk to them and you should try to keep them as a friend.
      5. Claims that minimize the role of the technology.
        1. The vivid dreams are not entirely artificial but rather a minor manipulation.
        2. Victims are made sick with poison instead of microwaves.
      6. Claims that exotic technology is being used instead of the obvious alternative.
        1. Electronic harassment is done by satellites rather than your neighbors.
        2. Electronic harassment is done by nano-scale implants.
        3. The stalkers would use through-wall radar rather than miniature cameras.
        4. The stalkers would use V2K to communicate with each other rather than a miniature earpiece.
        5. The stalkers would see through your own eyes rather than to use miniature cameras.
        6. Things that grow out of your skin are Morgellons rather than implants.
    2. Half-truths for victims.
      1. The 75% activist will try to replace the mind control terms with terms that are even less known, for example, gang stalking is replaced with organized stalking, electronic harassment is replaced with electronic assaults, V2K is replaced with V2S.
      2. The 50% activist will cut his information in two parts and then upload only the first part.
      3. The 25% activist will make a bad choice to limit the success of his action, for example, he chooses a .info domain instead of a .com domain.
      4. The 0% activist will do something to make his action fail. For example, he publishes an ad, but the text is difficult to read, or he collects complaints and he sends them to the wrong authority, or he encourages others to complain to the wrong authority.
    3. While most disinfo is intentional, the donkey activist will spontaneously repeat someone else’s disinfo.
    4. While most disinfo is a personal choice, the robot activist will forcibly repeat silent hypnosis.
    5. Some activists will deliberately say half-truths because they fear that they will be sent to a mental hospital.

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