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PDF file icon Forced drugging defense package by (4.4 MB, 51 pages).

PDF file icon Letter to the Trust Planning Committee by James Gottstein (358.2 K, 1 page).

PDF file icon Affidavit of Peter Gotzsche by Peter Gotzsche (777.3 K, 10 pages).

PDF file icon Evidence for the neurotoxicity of antipsychotic drugs by (284.1 K, 19 pages).

PDF file icon Morbidity and mortality in people with serious mental illness by Barbara Mauer (785.7 K, 87 pages).

PDF file icon Outcome factors in schizophrenia by Martin Harrow, Thomas Jobe (414.1 K, 9 pages).

PDF file icon Affidavit of Robert Whitaker by (55.2 K, 13 pages).

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