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Gang stalking is mentioned in several scientific articles, which were published in scientific journals.

In 2008 gang stalking was discussed during a congress for criminologists in Barcelona.


  1. Scientific definition
  2. Problems with the definition
  3. My definition
  4. General pattern
  5. First signs
  6. Serious consequences
  7. Gang stalking isn’t rare
  8. Deeper insight
  9. Organized or organizational
  10. Solutions

Scientific definition

Gang stalking is stalking by several people who know each other and who have the same intent.

This was written by the Belgian criminologist Jean-Nicolas Desurmont. This definition fits criminologists. It requires that you prove the harassment.

Problems with the definition

  1. There’s a linguistic problem.

  2. The scientific definitions of gang stalking and mobbing are inconsistent, vague and confusing. They don’t make a clear distinction between gang stalking and mobbing. They don’t say clearly whether mobbing can happen everywhere or only at the workplace.

  3. Different sciences treat gang stalking, mobbing and bullying in a different way.

  4. There are more than 150 scientific definitions of organized crime. They all have their own point of view. For example, you can concentrate on who is doing it, how it’s being done or what the function is. This suggests that all the different definitions of gang stalking may be equally right. Generally, a definition which lists a series of characteristics will receive most criticism.

My definition

I propose the following definition.

You may call yourself a victim of gang stalking if you feel that hostile actions are directed against you by multiple persons, and you are unable to escape the harassment.

This definition fits psychologists. It doesn’t require that you prove the harassment.


Diagram with the definition of gang stalking, mobbing and bullying

Victims of gang stalking are self-labelled, just like victims of mobbing and bullying. It’s not required that you can prove the harassment. Scientific research doesn’t ask you to give the impossible proof.

General pattern

First signs

Serious consequences

Gang stalking isn’t rare

Deeper insight

  1. How do you explain that victims are harassed in just the same way in every country they go, even in countries that are each other’s enemy?

  2. How do you explain that all gang stalkers keep their mouth shut?

  3. How do you explain that no target in the world succeeded in locking the gang stalkers out of his house?

  4. How do you explain that no target in the world succeeded in filming the gang stalkers during illegal entry in his house?

Gang stalking is in the first place a matter of corruption. It couldn’t exist if the police, the politicians, the doctors and the media were doing their job. Even human rights organizations have become so corrupt that they completely ignore this problem.

Gang stalking is in the second place a matter of law. We don’t have suitable laws for punishing a large group of civilians. Such laws do exist for certain categories of people like soldiers and prisoners: all participants are sentenced to death or all participants are convicted for every crime that has been committed by the group. These laws have to be extended to include gangstalkers. Every gangstalker has to be convicted for every crime that his network has committed against the target. Failure to report or suppress gang stalking has to be treated as a crime.

Gang stalking is in the third place a matter of innovation. We are in the transition from impact weapons to energetic weapons. Our justice system is completely unprepared for this.

Gang stalking is in the fourth place a matter of evolution. Evolution theory can be applied to crime. If you vote new laws to fight crime, then a common type of criminal will disappear, but a new type of more cunning criminal will take his place. This type of criminal is immune for the law just like some bacteria have become immune for antibiotics: the resistant bacteria. Gangstalkers are resistant criminals.

Organized or organizational

Organized stalking is a bad expression. Every stalker has to get organized to carry out his acts of stalking. So the word organized doesn’t add anything to stalking because every type of stalking is organized.

Organizational stalking is a good expression because it means that there’s an organization behind this type of stalking.


Gang stalking is less effective if you are fully aware of the harassment. The first objective should be to inform every target.

Gang stalking and electronic harassment are crimes that cannot be prevented. They will always have to be remedied afterwards in court. At this moment this isn’t possible, because the victim has to file a complaint against every individual stalker, who will get his individual trial. This costs the victim all his money.

Justice and medicine are still in the era of impact weapons while victims are already in the era of energetic weapons.

I propose these changes:

  1. Concerning the law:
    1. The state has to acknowledge the crime of gang stalking and electronic harassment.
      1. This allows the victim to start one single trial against a large number of stalkers.
      2. This allows the victim who is taunted to the point that he commits a violent act, to claim that it was provocation.
      3. This law has to stop the stalkers from finding always new ways to circumvent the law.
    2. There should be a law against the denial of gang stalking atrocities, just like there are laws against the denial of the holocaust.
    3. There should be a law against electronic harassment.
    4. If the victim is incompetent (children, mentally handicapped, and so on) then this should be considered in the new laws as an aggravating circumstance.
    5. The European Parliament has adopted resolution A4-0005/99, which calls for a world wide ban of all technology that enables manipulation of people. All European countries need to turn this guideline into a law.
  2. Concerning convicted gang stalkers:
    1. Everything that has been used for stalking has to be confiscated: car, computer, cell phone and so on.
    2. They may not use a telephone or the internet.
    3. They may not vote.
    4. They may not be elected.
    5. They may not run a company.
    6. They may not have a weapon.
    7. They may not drive a car. (They could use it as a weapon.)
    8. They may not marry.
    9. They are unfit to raise children. Their children have to be placed in an institution.
  3. Concerning the police:
    1. The law on the special police methods should be changed so there can be use of undercover agents and wiretap to prove the crime of gang stalking and electronic harassment. Cameras and microphones have to be installed in the houses of gang stalkers.
    2. There should be a new police force specialized in the detection of electronic harassment. This police force should also on own initiative scan all frequencies to verify whether somewhere electronic devices are deployed to manipulate people.
  4. Concerning the medical community:
    1. The medical world should be informed about this new crime so they don’t confuse it with mental illness.
    2. Doctors need to treat implants as forensic evidence, as they do with bullets.
  5. Concerning the media:
    1. There should be an information campaign to inform the public about this new crime.

This solution could work in theory, but the system is corrupt.

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