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Gassing is one of the most underestimated problems of targets. The reason is that it’s extremely difficult to measure air pollution, especially if it happens locally in public.

Perps will try everything they can to waste the target’s air in a plausible way.

They pay attention to the direction and the strength of the wind. They will position the pollutants so that the pollution will go towards the target.

They will store gasoline and defective scooters in their garden.

They will park in the street and let the engine run.

They will smoke at some distance from the target.

One target reported that his neighbors planted trees at three sides of his garden. At the other side of the street they let a siren whale every day at the same hour. Then everyone went inside. Then something was sprayed, which was blown by the wind to the target’s house, where the polluted air was caught between the three rows of trees. One hour later everyone came outside to clean the windows and the cars. This was repeated every day. This was a black man in a white neighborhood.

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