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PDF file icon Bill proposed by FFCHS by Derrick Robinson (92.5 K, 4 pages). This laughable text proposes fines and jail terms which are much lower than existing laws for stalking.

PDF file icon Book review: A “perfect” crime by Bill Rowlings, the CEO of Civil Liberties Australia (140.5 K, 8 pages). The logic of the article is that Bill Rowlings knows a perp who poses as a victim, and who says silly things, therefore, Sneider’s book must be silly. It shows that even human rights organizations are on the side of the perps. www.cla.asn.au/News/book-review-a-perfect-crime

PDF file icon Carl Clark interview by Raum und Zeit magazine (2.4 MB, 10 pages). Carl Clark claims to be an ex-perp who was involved in gang stalking but not in electronic harassment. It’s too beautiful to be true.

PDF file icon Coherent madness: effective defense against covert warfare by Mukazo Mukazo Vunda (763.1 K, 129 pages). This writer spends much attention to poisoning. Important things like voice to skull get only one small remark. Artificial dreams are not mentioned.

PDF file icon Complaints of group-stalking (‘gang-stalking’): an exploratory study of their nature and impact on complainants by Dr. Lorraine Sheridan (Ph. D. psychology) and David James (1.6 MB, 23 pages). This study from 2014 is based on an PDF file icon anonymous questionnaire which was online from October 2004 to September 2005 (869.9 K, 21 pages). The results that were excluded from this questionnaire because they were suspected to be stalkers have been re-used for the study from 2014 to ridicule targeted individuals and to tell the police not to investigate our claims. In 2005 they published their PDF file icon key findings (69.9 K, 5 pages). The readability is very low. You’re not supposed to understand it.

PDF file icon Disinformation websites by www.FightGangStalking.com (10.3 K, 1 page). This person treats my website as disinfo.

PDF file icon Exploring the connection between gang-stalking, targeted individuals, and mass murder by Professor Christine Sarteschi (Ph. D. social work) (www.ISRASociety.com) (118.1 K, 3 pages).

PDF file icon Gang stalking: internet connectivity as an emerging mental health concern by Elizabeth Dietrich (98.0 K, 10 pages). This is a thesis for the degree of Master of Social Work. She says that we have crazy-making websites that confirm delusions, that people should be questioned more by shrinks about the websites they visit, that gang stalking forums are similar to forums that encourage anorexia and suicide and cutting, and that people who visit gang stalking forums should be forced to follow psychotherapy.

PDF file icon Gang stalking laws and the steps you must take to prove your case in court by www.WorldBestLawyers.com (66.1 K, 2 pages). They present themselves as the best experts in the world. They tell you what you MUST do. This is their advice:

  1. Have people witness what you are experiencing so they may testify on your behalf in court. Result: One of the goals of gang stalking is that you stop to function as an individual. Those other people will have their own opinion and you will have to adapt to their norm.
  2. Take a video camera with you where you go. Videotape the perpetrators and their actions against you. Keep getting more footage. It’s better if you can show the SAME people beleaguering you or your family. Result: They will send children to stalk you. Then they will accuse you of filming children.
  3. Keep detailed written logs and notes of the gang stalking activity. Result: They will send children to stalk you. Then they will accuse you of keeping a diary about children.
  4. Take pictures of what is going on and what’s happening with the stalking behavior. Result: They will send children to stalk you. Then they will accuse you of taking pictures of children.
  5. Show your evidence to other people; friends, family, private detectives, lawyers. Result: This will give you the reputation of being mentally ill.
  6. Set up hidden security cameras around your residence, your vehicle, your office. Result: You will be violating other people’s privacy. They will perform theatre before your cameras to attract your attention and waste your time.
  7. Reach out to other survivors of gang, group, organized stalking. There are groups on the internet and anonymous blogs which can offer you support. Result: You will be harassed by everyone on those forums.

People have tried all these things and the return is zero.

PDF file icon Handbook: what is a targeted individual? by Skizit Powers (1.4 MB, 50 pages). The person hiding behind the name Skizit Powers is a notorious disinfo agent, well known for the website www.skizit.biz

PDF file icon Hatecoin by unknown (61.8 K, 4 pages).

PDF file icon Honestly, you are not the victim of gang stalking by Thomas Martin of Martin Investigative Services (587.7 K, 5 pages). The logic of the article is that in 2015 there were 38 perps who posed as a victim, who requested his services, and who said crazy things, therefore, all targets must be crazy. His company is stuffed with ex-FBI and ex-Secret Service agents who were so criminal that the government didn’t want to be associated with them anymore. They continue to do the same dirty work, but the government is now a client instead of an employer. www.MartinPI.com

PDF file icon ICAACT phase III testing by Jesse Beltran and Lars Drudgaard (8.8 MB, 53 pages). They search electronic implants. They tested a few people in a Faraday cage. They were not doing it right. It was deliberate.

PDF file icon If you become a target of gang stalking… by Miyoko Goto (84.3 K, 5 pages). Her meaningless and racist story is painful to read. Still, she gets a prominent place in the web search results and that makes it all very suspect.

PDF file icon Internet diagnoses interfere with treatment, says forensic psychiatrist by news.tulane.edu (271.5 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon Martian manifesto by Kyle Odom (802.4 K, 21 pages). Kyle Odom was arrested after throwing objects over the White House fence on March 8, 2016. He is suspected of shooting an Idaho pastor two days earlier, and released a manifesto warning of Martians in Congress before his arrest. He sent the manifesto to his parents as well as several Idaho television stations. He’s a former marine. He has a degree in pharmacy. He had just interrupted his studies for a Ph. D. degree. His complaints parallel those of targeted individuals, but in a strange twist he blames everything on Martians.

PDF file icon Microwave mind control by Tim Rifat (95.2 K, 14 pages). This well-known article is too UFO friendly.

PDF file icon Mind control (brainwashing) by Robert Carroll (94.9 K, 8 pages). This person treats our issue as a fictional fantasy.

PDF file icon Mind wars by Robert Guffey (2.6 MB, 9 pages). This article appeared in a magazine for the weirdest news stories.

PDF file icon Silent Sound Live by † www.hearingvoices-is-voicetoskull.com (1.2 MB, 3 pages). This device is actually an art project.

PDF file icon So you think you’ve been implanted against your will? by Amal Graafstra (644.4 K, 7 pages). Amal Graafstra is an international seller of RFIDs.

PDF file icon Targeted individuals by www.RationalWiki.org (466.3 K, 13 pages). It is common for perps to rationalize torture away.

PDF file icon The demons among humans by Aslan Dzitiev (946.0 K, 87 pages). This original mix of religion, occultism and stalking may be an allegory.

PDF file icon The executive summary neuropsychological and electronic no-touch torture report by “Dr.” “Robert Duncan” (112.4 K, 9 pages).

PDF file icon The matrix deciphered by “Dr.” “Robert Duncan” (972.2 K, 194 pages). This piece of drivel is a notorious disinfo item. He’s not a doctor. He’s not a professor. Robert Duncan is not his real name. PDF file icon The matrix deciphered (prerelease) (1.9 MB, 308 pages). PDF file icon The matrix deciphered (restyled by Derrick Robinson) (1.8 MB, 276 pages).

PDF file icon The military use of electromagnetic microwave and mind control technology by “Dr.” Armen Victorian (178.7 K, 13 pages). This is a parapsychology personality. He writes rubbish like: “The latest development in the technology of fear and mind control is the cloning of human EEG.” EEG cloning is patented in 1993. Another notorious work is “The mind controllers” of which you can download the PDF file icon summary (160.8 K, 19 pages).

PDF file icon TSCM client warning by TSCM (254.1 K, 3 pages). This company doesn’t want to help targets with bug sweeps.

PDF file icon Update from Bryan Kofron by Derrick Robinson (171.1 K, 3 pages). Bryan Kofron accused PACTS of finding pleasure in murdering targeted individuals.

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