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PDF file icon Bioeffects of selected nonlethal weapons by Donald Friedman (4.0 MB, 20 pages). This is the first answer to a FOIA request that confirms that they incapacitate people by heating them with microwaves through the wall.

PDF file icon Letter explaining factual and legal background to medical providers by Jonathan Wilson (98.7 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon Letter of support by Republican Jim Guest (52.2 K, 1 page). He says literally: “electronic weapons torture and covert harassment groups.”

PDF file icon Letter to Juan Mendez by Terukatsu Ishibashi (96.5 K, 1 page). Terukatsu Ishibashi is the president of a victim’s association in Japan.

PDF file icon Letter to OMCT by John Hall (196.4 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon Memorandum to president Donald Trump by Karen Stewart (www.EveryDayConcerned.net) (228.8 K, 16 pages).

PDF file icon Open letter to the European Commission by Mojmir Babacek (103.3 K, 6 pages).

PDF file icon Testimony for Galina Kurdina by Cheng Qijia (121.4 K, 1 page).

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