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Stalking is very common in organized crime. If you want something from someone then stalking is the most effective way to get the job done.

Stalking is extremely difficult to police. This guarantees impunity for the perpetrators.

The State is weak and unable to protect its citizens from stalking. This forces people to purchase extra-legal protection from corrupt officials (“Red Mafia”) or organized crime groups (“Black Mafia”). They are called “Red Black Mafia.” Corrupt police are trying to monopolize the extra-legal protection business.

Organized crime groups have underground police which they use as enforcers, and their own illegal courts where they settle disputes. They reach their goals through stalking, harassment, humiliation, blame, threats, or coercion while avoiding direct violence, because violence would attract the attention of law enforcement. One of their main goals is to force people to pay for extra-legal protection. This increases the influence of the Mafia.

If the average Belgian earns 3,400 € per month, then why does the average Belgian live in a house of 100,000 €? Where did the money go?

In the past the Mafia was satisfied if nearly everyone paid for protection. Now they also want everyone to stalk those who don’t pay.

Many victims complain that they are being stalked by “the State,” “the police” or “the secret service.” It’s more accurate to say that the State has been infiltrated by the Mafia, so now the State starts to behave like the Mafia. The infiltrators provide the State with stories to make the State believe that stalking the target serves a political goal. This allows the Mafia to stalk their targets at the expense of the State.

The Mafia cooperates with the police to neutralize its rivals. They organize neighborhood watch groups to get the State involved.

The Mafia uses sleeper agents. These people grow up as normal children, students, and workers. They may arrive at important positions that are interesting for the Mafia, like government, army, police, medicine, science or Church. Then they are activated by the Mafia, and they start to do their dirty work.

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