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In 1969 Iona and Peter Opie wrote in their book Children’s games in street and playground that gang stalking is a synonym for the children’s game Indians.

In 1975 this was mentioned in the Oxford English Dictionary.

This is the entry in the Oxford English Dictionary from 1989:

Indian, a. and n.
Oxford English Dictionary SECOND EDITION 1989  
(ndn)  Also 5 Yndeen, 6 Indyan, 7 Indean. [f. INDIA: cf. -AN.] 

	B. n.

	2. c. One of the ‘Indians’ in a child’s game. Cf. COW-BOY 3d.

1883 W. W. NEWELL Games & Songs Amer. Children i. 26 The players 
were divided into Indians and hunters, the former uttering their 
war-cry... The game ended with the extermination of one party or the 
other. 1941 in R. D. Abrahams Jump-Rope Rhymes (1969) 148 One little, 
two little, three little Indians. Four little, five little, six little 
Indians, etc. 1969 I. & P. OPIE Children’s Games v. 181 The 
attraction of ‘Stalking’ (‘Gang Stalking’, ‘Shadowing’, ‘Indians’) is 
that the hunters can become the hunted.

In 1993 Norma Cross and Eleanor White started to use the word gang stalking to describe stalking campaigns by multiple perpetrators. Eleanor White is a retired electronics engineer who used to work for the U.S. Army.

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