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Professor Rahul Manchanda (Doctor of Jurisprudence) is an attorney from New York. He’s specialized in immigration law.

He published an article about political gang stalking. He sees it as a manifestation of the COPS program.

PDF file icon Similarities between life under former USSR KGB, East German Stasi, and US COPS program by Professor Rahul Manchanda (Doctor of Jurisprudence) (245.8 K, 6 pages).

My main criticism is that it doesn’t explain why the gang stalkers keep their mouth shut and why most victims are single women.

Henry Makow claims that Professor Rahul Manchanda (Doctor of Jurisprudence) is a targeted individual.

PDF file icon Vicious vendetta against Illuminati defector by Henry Makow (257.7 K, 5 pages).

Henry Makow claims that he received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982.

PDF file icon Deep state control of the American courts and judiciary by Rahul Manchanda (259.9 K, 4 pages).

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