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Dr. Reidar Visser (Ph. D. Middle Eastern studies) is a historian from Norway.

PDF file icon German flag Reidar Visser by Wikipedia (37.4 K, 2 pages).

He fled to the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Qatar, Jordan, Switzerland, Italy, France and the Netherlands. He was stalked in all these countries. He now resides somewhere in Asia.

PDF file icon An introduction to police stalking by Dr. Reidar Visser (Ph. D. Middle Eastern studies) (35.6 K, 9 pages).

He writes that gang stalking is a violation of the following international laws:

He writes that gang stalking takes the opposite approach of modern Western judicial tradition.

He writes: “In police stalking operations, the supposedly democratic Western state is basically running around like a mad dog – barking and wheezing, entirely without being able to offer any judicial justification for its anger.”


They made him believe that he did something to deserve the harassment. This is called victim blaming.

He explains everything in terms that are not controversial.

Because he fears for his credibility, he puts all the blame on the police, and he ignores electronic harassment.

What he writes doesn’t explain the following:

Why would the police harass single women with higher education until their last breath and then everyone keeps his mouth shut?


He wrote about electronic harassment on his blogs. He claims that it was used on him for sleep deprivation.

PDF file icon American flag Norwegian flag Police stalking, police criminality and human rights by Dr. Reidar Visser (Ph. D. Middle Eastern studies) (4.9 MB, 235 pages).

PDF file icon Towards a theory of a rule of law society by Dr. Reidar Visser (Ph. D. Middle Eastern studies) (60.5 K, 5 pages).

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