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Former Professor Reinhard Munzert (Ph. D. psychology) is an activist from Germany. His website is German flag (“microwave terror” in English).

He focuses on electronic harassment. In his opinion gang stalking is meant to invalidate claims of wrongdoing.

A few years ago he wanted to participate in a conference in the USA. When he was on his way to leave Germany he was arrested because he was carrying pictures of microwave ovens that were converted into a weapon. He was committed to a psychiatric hospital. Many targets have protested against this injustice and they had to let him go. He still doesn’t dare to speak in public.

He has done thermal scans of victims to prove that they have been burnt by electronic weapons.

PDF file icon Targeting the human with directed energy weapons by former Professor Reinhard Munzert (Ph. D. psychology) (496.1 K, 7 pages).

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