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In 1985 † Professor Robert Becker (Doctor of Medicine) and Gary Selden wrote the book The body electric — electromagnetism and the foundation of life.

They confirm several of our claims, for example, that voice to skull is possible, and that it’s obvious that this is being used for covert harassment.

Notice also that this was already possible 30 years ago.

† Professor Robert Becker (Doctor of Medicine) was able to regrow limbs on frogs.

He said that the U.S government leaked disinformation‚ “to make the whole question of mind control seem absolutely unbelievable.”

He said “I have no doubt in my mind, that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the Earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming and the increase in chemical elements in the environment.”

PDF file icon The body electric by Wikipedia (38.8 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon Maxwell’s silver hammer by † Professor Robert Becker (Doctor of Medicine) (41.1 K, 8 pages).

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