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Songs for victims and open-minded people:


  1. Eye in the sky (The Alan Parsons Project)
  2. Mind control (Stephen Marley)
  3. Paranoiac personality (Alice Cooper)
  4. What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? (R.E.M.)

Eye in the sky (The Alan Parsons Project)

PDF file icon Eye in the sky by The Alan Parsons Project ( (18.4 K, 1 page).

Mind control (Stephen Marley)

PDF file icon Mind control by Stephen Marley ( (16.6 K, 2 pages).

Paranoiac personality (Alice Cooper)

PDF file icon Paranoiac personality by Alice Cooper ( (14.5 K, 1 page).

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? (R.E.M.)

The text of the song is based on William Tager’s famous quote “What is the frequency, Kenneth?” He said this when he assaulted anchorman Dan Rather.

PDF file icon What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? by Wikipedia (90.7 K, 4 pages).

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