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Pop star Aisha Goodison made a popular website about her being gang stalked by the entourage of Madonna.

Former CIA and NSA agent Edward Snowden used an electronic device to shield against electronic mind control attacks while he was applying for asylum. He said that otherwise, he would not have survived it.

Gary Owens, the guitarist of the rock band A II Z, claims to be a victim of gang stalking.

Actor Jesse Ventura, who appeared in The running man (1987) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, made a Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura show about voice to skull on TruTV. Jesse Ventura is a former governor of Minnesota and considers running for president in 2016.

Former president Manuel Zelaya of Honduras claimed to be a victim of electronic harassment.

Media analyst Mark Dice published an article about the radio frequency hearing effect on his website.

Actor Stephen Shellenberger, who appeared in Gone in 60 seconds with Nicolas Cage, claims to be a victim of gang stalking. He became homeless, living on the street, a hobo.

Former NSA agent William Binney spoke at the first covert harassment conference in Brussels in 2014.

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