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Former Professor Alfred Webre (Doctor of Jurisprudence in International Law) prepared a video appearance for the covert harassment conference in Brussels in 2014. The Wikipedia article about Alfred Webre became suddenly unnotable and fringe. It was deleted in May 2015. It had been online for 11 years. If it’s unnotable fringe, then why does it take 11 years to realize that?

Dr. Anna Fubini (Doctor of Medicine and psychiatrist) helps victims who suspect that they have implants.

Michael Segalov claims that he visited Professor Brian Sharpless (Ph. D. clinical psychology) because of exploding head syndrome. He claims that the doctor told him: “Gang stalking means that a group of people spies on you and makes your life as harsh as possible, and willingly makes you experience these hard explosions,” and that he explained that some victims believe that they are being followed by some government agency. “They believe that this type of secret services uses a microwave generator, and that they point it at them at night and willingly cause the explosions.”

Dr. Cheryl Welsh (Doctor of Jurisprudence) is the author of She’s recognized by the UNO as an expert.

Dr. Corkin Cherubini (Ph. D. education) wrote on his website: “I knew something was amiss, and afloat, when I kept seeing military type helicopters hovering over my home, and government vehicles everywhere — following, waiting, stalking in legions. I kept wondering, ‘Could I have done something to make them think I might be a… terrorist, or whatever?’ Then, I heard about ‘The War on Whistleblowers,’ but it would still be another four months before I heard of Government Gang Stalking!” He runs 2 websites about gang stalking. He has been targeted for 20 years after blowing the whistle. His work to expose inequities regarding education opportunities was covered by media around the world. He doesn’t feel very positive about a government agenda leading toward a full blown military police state, mass mind control of citizens, and a targeted individual terror/torture program poised to target anyone and everyone.

Former Professor Eric Karlstrom (Ph. D. geography) talked about gang stalking in the Deanna Spingola radio show.

Dr. Facika Tafara (Doctor of Medicine) appeared with her story on ABC News.

Former Professor Geral Sosbee (Doctor of Jurisprudence) believes that the Mafia is behind gang stalking. He’s a lawyer, a former university instructor, a former FBI agent, a former police instructor, a former judge (Judge of City Court and Magistrate of the State of Texas), and a former private investigator. He believes that the purpose is that you become violent so you can be arrested or killed.

Dr. Henning Witte (Doctor of Jurisprudence) interviews implant victims for the ICAACT website.

Former Professor James Tracy (Ph. D. communication) wrote about gang stalking on his controversial Memory hole blog. He complained also in The people speak on BBS Radio.

Dr. Jean Arrigo (Ph. D. psychology, social psychologist and oral historian) wrote: “In ‘CIA no touch torture makes sense out of mind control allegations,’ Cheryl Welsh provides a valuable overview of methods common to neuroweapons research and torture interrogation. Her essay is informed by the multitude of self-identified, experimental targets of neuroweapons researchers whom she represents. Scholars and journalists who are only able to track neuroweapons research and interrogation methods through government documents have biased the consensus reality in favor of government authorities who deceive the public. We owe thanks to Cheryl Welsh and her colleagues for their pioneering efforts to penetrate government deception through the phenomenology of self-identified victims of neuroweapons.”

Dr. John Hall (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) wrote 2 books about electronic harassment: A new breed — satellite terrorism in the USA and Guinea pigs — technologies of control. He spoke at the covert harassment conference in Berlin in 2015.

California State University Professor John Syer (Ph. D. government) wrote the following letter of support:

To Whom It May Concern:                          May 11, 1998

I write in support of the efforts of Cheryl Welsh and others
to obtain a DEFINITIVE HEARING concerning non-consentual
human testing of electromagnetic technologies.  The effect of
beamed energy on the human body is deserving of the highest
levels of understanding and accountability.  Regarding elec-
tromagnetic weapons, Professor Steven Metz of the U.S. Army
War College has said:  "We need an open debate on them now."
(Singapore Straights Times, July 18, 1997.)

Cheryl Welsh will receive her second B.A. from California
State University - Sacramento later this month.  While con-
ducting independent research, Ms. Welsh has compiled an
extensive bibliography and a useful list of expert witnesses.

She has also collected data on the victims of non-consentual
testing.  Ms. Welsh has formed a nonprofit research organi-
zation on this question, and she has appeared on CNN and the
Learning Channel to address this issue.  Cheryl Welsh may be
reached at  915 Zaragoza Street, Davis CA  95616.

The materials assembled by Ms. Welsh provide a solid basis
for undertaking a more thorough examination of this issue.
Given the classified nature of weapons development, it is
imperative that ample scrutiny accompany this type of exper-
imentation in order that human rights and public health are
not endangered.  Government personnel, and individuals
working under government contracts, must be held to the
highest standard of accountability.  A public investigation
of non-consentual electromagnetic testing is long overdue.

John. C. Syer
Professor of Government
CSU - Sacramento
6000 "J" Street
Sacramento  CA  95819

Dr. Katherine Horton (Ph. D. particle physics) filed a complaint for electronic harassment against the secret services of the UK in 2016.

Professor Kathryn Kelley (Ph. D. psychology?) started to research implants but the research was shut down.

† Dr. Myron May (Doctor of Jurisprudence) tried to expose gang stalking and electronic harassment by shooting 3 people in a university library.

Dr. Nick Begich (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) addressed the European Parliament in 1998 about electronic harassment. He’s the brother of Senator Mark Begich and the son of † Dr. Nicholas Begich (Ph. D. which?), who posthumously won the 1972 election in Alaska. He wrote the book Controlling the human mind — the technologies of political control or tools for peak performance. PDF file icon Mark Begich by Wikipedia (206.5 K, 10 pages).

Professor Rahul Manchanda (Doctor of Jurisprudence) published an article about COINTELPRO. He wrote on that “the Neo-Con/Stasi/Communist’s Zersetzung (organized gang-stalking under Bill Clinton’s Community Oriented Policing “COPS” program) needs to be turned by the People against them, and the American People need to watch each and every single one of them like they would watch a lunatic holding an AK-47 in a mall.”

† Dr. Rauni Kilde (Doctor of Medicine) spoke at the covert harassment conference in Brussels in 2014.

Dr. Reidar Visser (Ph. D. Middle Eastern studies) blames the police for gang stalking.

Former Professor Reinhard Munzert (Ph. D. psychology) runs a website about electronic harassment. German flag (“microwave terror” in English) He wrote: “Directed energy weapons are among the high-tech arms of the century. They hurt and kill with electromagnetic power. Microwave weapons can be aimed at computers, electrical devices, and persons. They have strong physical and psychological effects and can be used for military and terrorist activities. These weapons are also part of crimes (in Europe) that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders. Until now they make the perfect crime possible. No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future.” First, I wrote that this was written by Dr. Seth Farber (Ph. D. psychology). I had copied this from another website. He prepared a video appearance for the covert harassment conference in Berlin in 2015.

† Professor Robert Becker (Doctor of Medicine) wrote in his book The body electric from 1985: “Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with ‘voices’ or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.”

Dr. Scott Johnson (Ph. D. theology) was ordained in 1997 and later founded Freedom Family Fellowship, a non-denominational church located in Four Oaks, NC. He said in his Contending for truth radio show: “I had a lot of people who emailed me over the years about this, about they believe they have been electronically targeted with certain types of electronic warfare and mind control and I, you know, totally believe these people.”

Psychologist Seth Farber

Dr. Seth Farber (Ph. D. psychology) has appeared in a Truth jihad radio show with targeted individuals. He said: “These people here are the first experimental subjects in a program designed for all of us.” He said: “The people who are running this are part of the secret government.” He believes in voice to skull technology.

Dr. Terence Robertson (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) became an activist of FFCHS.

Dr. Tomo Shibata (Ph. D. sociology) blames the Mafia for gang stalking. She wrote the book The invisible maiming torture enterprise of organized stalking assaults.

Dr. Vadim Baranov (Doctor of Medicine and oncologist) got asylum in the UK and the USA.

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