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The victims call themselves targeted individuals. This expression was probably launched by the Freemasons. Freemasons use the anagrams of RAD and RAT as a symbol of their enemies. This means also that if you have a name which contains an anagram of RAD or RAT, like Darius or Verstraeten, then you have more chance of becoming a victim.

In June 2013, there were about 1,400 persons who have outed themselves as a victim.

Gang stalking prevalence pie chart

60% of all victims are women. Most of them are independent women, who live alone and who want to make a career.

40% of all victims are men. 98% of them are gay, according to Kevin Bond.

Proud men with a high self-esteem attract this harassment.

Gang stalking victim distribution pie chart

These charts show that the distribution of gang stalking victims is totally different from the distribution of schizophrenia. These charts prove that the victims are not mentally ill.

Most victims have in common:

  1. They are perceived as not heterosexual enough. (They are not married, or they don’t have children.)
  2. Their family has connections with the army or security services.

There isn’t just one type of victim. A victim can become aware. Then he can join a secret society for protection. They ask him to continue to play victim. Other victims who contact him can be harassed through him. Then he can become a victim again. Such a secret society can be supported by government, or it can be seen as the enemy. Contacting other victims is generally a bad idea, because victims of all types are thrown together in one room or conference call and the result will be stalking. If you contact someone and you feel that you are harassed, then leave it instead of continuing a half-hearted relationship.

A major problem for real victims is that stalkers pose as victims. They spread ludicrous stories. They give real victims a bad reputation. They make their own websites, they flood forums, polls, conferences, and conference calls, and bury the serious messages under a pile of drivel. In the mean time, most real victims never wake up, and if they do, they are caught in a web of fake victims. It’s very difficult to estimate the number of real and fake victims.

About 50% of the victims are harassed with voice to skull technology, which projects voices in their heads.

The stalkers use also electronic weapons. You never get used to it, just like you never get used to toothache and headache.

The harassment is often carried out in a way to blame the victim for the harassment. This is called victim blaming.

The large number of stalkers who go after a target creates an implied threat of violence. All crimes done to the target have to be seen in the context of a threat of violence. For example, stealing from a target has to be seen as robbery. All decisions made by the target have to be seen in the context of a threat of violence.

Victims who complain on the internet are usually victims of gang stalking by the state. This is a life long experience.

Targeted individual Jonathan Moreno with his backpack

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