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John Finch from Australia collects the victim stories. If you want to out yourself as a victim, then you can send your story to:

	John Finch,
	5/8 Kemp Street,
	Thornbury, Vic 3071,
	TEL: 0424009627

This is one of the most useful things that you can do as a victim. Perps assume that no one will ever hear what happened to you, because gang stalking sites and victim blogs are only visited by a handful of victims, so the perps can do whatever they want. This changes when John Finch sends your story to a long list of email addresses.

Start your message like this:

	NAME: John Smith
	Citizenship: USA
	Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2001
	Email: john.smith@yahoo.com
	WEB: johnsmith.blogspot.com

Later you can update your story. Your new message will be appended to your old story. So you write only what’s new.

These testimonies show that gang stalking victims are experiencing the same specific harassments all over the world while the experiences of schizophrenics are more general and more different. Gang stalking victims are also more coherent than schizophrenics. These testimonies prove that the victims are not mentally ill.

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