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It’s very difficult to get the word out about this because:

  1. The government denies that this is happening.
  2. The police are instructed not to help victims.
  3. Doctors are instructed to declare victims crazy.
  4. The press refuses to write about it because they get their tips from the police.
  5. The attacks are carried out in a deniable way.
  6. There are not many aware victims.
  7. The victims are unorganized.
  8. The victims have often problems with employment, housing, justice and so on, problems caused by perps.
  9. The victims can’t say who would want to do this and why.
  10. The victims are often incapacitated by electronic weapons.
  11. Perps pose as victims and spread ludicrous stories. They give victims a bad reputation.
  12. No one has ever admitted that he was a gang stalker. It can be compared to the time when no one had ever admitted that he was a Mafia member.
  13. The expressions gang stalking, electronic harassment, targeted individual, mind control and voice to skull have something in common: several ordinary words describe something controversial. One of the results is that when people want to describe gang stalking, then they will write complex sentences that are too difficult for children. These expressions make it more difficult to get the word out.

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