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If you are new to gang stalking, then be aware that there are many traps waiting for you.


  1. Warning against yourself
  2. Warning against phony victims
  3. Warning against phony activists
  4. Warning against phony doctors
  5. Warning against phony TI organizations
  6. Warning against politics forums
  7. Warning against Wikipedia
  8. Warning against the mainstream media

Warning against yourself

If you are a victim, then be aware that there’s a difference between speaking and writing. Here in Belgium, if they want to sue you for what you say, then they can sue you easily for libel, but if they want to sue you for what you write on the internet, then they have to start the procedure for crime of the written press before the Assize Court, which is almost never done, because it’s very expensive.

Here in Belgium, they can sue you for libel if you write or say something that hurts someone and you communicate this (by speech, letter, email, telephone, …) to two different persons, or to one official in relation to his work.

Beware of conference calls and conferences. They are ways to make you talk.

Warning against phony victims

When you realize that you are a victim, then it’s normal if you want to contact other victims. Perps will pose as a victim and wait until you contact them and tell them things that you would normally tell no one. This is very bad for you, because it goes straight into official files.

Some victims that you find on the internet will try to meet you. Remember that the worst stalkers are those who try to meet you in the real world.

How do you see the difference between real victims and phonies?

  1. Phonies will show that they know details from your private life.

  2. Phonies will be disgusted when a victim used violence against perps.

  3. Phonies that you never heard of will send you email and ask you to tell them your story. Don’t answer.

  4. Phonies will NEVER tell you that the Freemasons are responsible for organizing gang stalking and electronic harassment. For every conspiracy theory, there are many theories about who is responsible. Always the same people and organizations will be named as the one who is responsible: the CIA, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, aliens and so on. All these people and organizations will get their usual share of presumed responsibility. Except, gang stalking is the only conspiracy theory where the Freemasons are ALMOST NEVER named as the one who is responsible. This is very telling about all those “activists” and “whistleblowers” who are “telling you the truth” about gang stalking.

In a video on YouTube a woman told me the following tips about phonies:

  1. They will never refer to gang stalking activities as being crime.

  2. They will never share viable countermeasures, or any information that will be beneficial to a TI.

  3. They will never encourage, inspire or motivate a TI.

  4. They will avoid positivity (laughing, smiling, dancing, singing).

  5. They never have anything good to say about anything.

  6. They will only talk about gang stalking.

  7. Everything they say will be gloom and doom and depressing.

  8. They create an atmosphere of hopelessness and despair.

  9. They will frequently use the words crazy, paranoid, delusional, schizophrenia.

  10. They may portray you as a perp to ruin your image.

  11. They will downplay the involvement of other perps, like neighbors, neighborhood watch groups, and so on.

Warning against phony activists

How do you see the difference between real activists and phonies?

  1. Phonies will use disinfo items.

  2. Phonies will avoid to discuss the subject of artificial dreams.

  3. Phonies will try to replace damaging terms with harmless terms:

Warning against phony doctors

These people are often quoted as a doctor although they have no doctor degree:

  1. Armen Victorian
  2. Barry Trower
  3. Carole Smith
  4. Richard Miller
  5. Robert Duncan

Several activists witnessed how “Dr. Robert Duncan” admitted that he’s not a doctor, and that Robert Duncan is not his name. Eleanor White told me that. There’s a real Dr. Robert Duncan but it’s not the same person.

If you are a journalist, then you should start to wonder why government finds it necessary to invent these personalities and display them on TV.

John Austin-Walker is a politician, not a doctor.

PDF file icon John Austin by Wikipedia (48.1 K, 3 pages).

Warning against phony TI organizations

FFCHS has been widely accused of being a bogus government front group, probably FBI.

Billboard reveals who is FFCHS

PDF file icon Gang stalking & the Baton Rouge shooting — the secret war on Americans by www.SurvivalAcres.com (150.0 K, 4 pages).

Warning against politics forums

Virtually no one has discussed gang stalking on a politics forum because the government and media refuse to discuss it. If they are forced to discuss it, then they say that it’s mental illness. Politics forum members believe that nonsense, and there are always a few perps there ready to say that the poster is “off their meds.”

Warning against Wikipedia

Every article about gang stalking on Wikipedia has been deleted. Wikipedia has a problem with telling the truth when it’s embarrassing, like telling how many pets are abandoned each year (about 1 cat and 1 dog per 300 citizens), not to mention the number of people who fell under communism, 50 million perhaps? I urge you to suspend your belief in Wikipedia. Wikipedia finds pleasure in labeling the victims as mentally ill. They even quoted one sentence of Desurmont because they thought that it was damaging.

www.gangstalkingwiki.com was an attempt to create the page that should have been on Wikipedia.

Warning against the mainstream media

The mainstream media portray victims as mentally ill. They see gang stalking and electronic harassment as a conspiracy theory. But, not all conspiracy theories are treated the same way. For example, people who believe that they were abducted by aliens, have no difficulty spreading this message on TV, and they are NOT treated as crazies. But, if you claim that you are being stalked by many people, or irradiated with odd devices, then the same media will violently oppose you and call you crazy.

Journalists have a deontological code. If you talk to them about gang stalking, then they may not present this one-sided opinion to their readers or listeners. They HAVE to contact people with a different opinion, so they will choose a shrink who will call you crazy, and they will print or broadcast his opinion.

The mainstream media have suppressed the truth for decades. They are a part of the problem, not the solution.

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