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I refuse to list blogs because the quality is very low.

I refuse to list discussion groups because I never received the confirmation email while trying to register for such a group.

I checked the links in the second week of August 2017.


  1. Live websites
    1. Websites in English
    2. Websites in other languages
    3. People with several websites
    4. Anti TI websites
  2. Redirects
  3. Empty websites
  4. Expired websites

Live websites

Websites about gang stalking come and go at a high speed. Many victims start a website to complain about their situation and leave it after a while.

Websites in English

Websites in other languages

People with several websites

This is often a transition from an old website to a new website.

Corkin Cherubini

Dr. Corkin Cherubini (Ph. D. education) is a victim from the USA.

Ed Harding

He has several sites with small variations.

Eric Karlstrom

Former Professor Eric Karlstrom (Ph. D. geography) is a victim from California, USA.


This is an activist organization from Belgium.

Gary Owens

Gary Owens is the guitarist of the rock band A II Z. He’s an opposer of Freemasonry.

Greg Gamache

He’s from the USA. He’s notorious for frivolous court cases.

Henning Witte

Dr. Henning Witte (Doctor of Jurisprudence) is a Swedish lawyer.

Kevin Perelman

Martin Michel

Martin Michel is an activist from Dresden in Germany.


This is an activist from the USA.

Paolo Dorigo

He’s an activist from Italy. He served a long time in prison after a protest action.

Patri(c)k Dupuis

He’s a victim from Canada.

Peter Mooring

He’s an activist from the Netherlands. He used to organize the covert harassment conference. His sites tell almost the same. It’s very unlikely that he will continue to maintain 24 websites. The websites were last updated around May 2016.

Richard Griesinger

He’s from Pinellas County, Florida, USA. He’s a lawyer. He moved to Thailand.

Anti TI websites


Empty websites

These websites have little or no content.

Expired websites

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