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Victims of gang stalking have to wonder their whole life who is doing this to them and why.

I find this obvious questions. If you are a victim, then you certainly deserve to know the answer.


Michael Sweeney, who wrote several books about gang stalking, said in the Kev Baker show that most of the 12,000 victims that he talked to report that if they get a good look at the car of the gang stalkers, then they see emblems that indicate that the owner is a Freemason.

There are two theories:

  1. In the USA they believe that the secret services organize gang stalking and that these secret services are populated by Freemasons.

  2. In the UK they believe that the Freemasons organize gang stalking and that these Freemasons use the secret services to push their agenda.

I follow the British theory. As far as I know, Freemasonry is the only organization that is so corrupt and so mentally insane that it could be responsible for organizing gang stalking.

Clearly, there are relatively more victims in countries where there are relatively more Freemasons.

This doesn’t mean that all gang stalkers are Freemasons. The number of gang stalkers is much higher than the number of regular and accepted Freemasons. (The whisperers say 96% of the population.) The gang stalkers are a secret society, and they are Luciferianists, but they are no regular and accepted Freemasons. Many gang stalkers are too young, too poor, or too abnormal to apply for membership.

Gang stalkers who are not a Freemason are called familiars. They are people who help Freemasons because they hope that some day they will get an invitation to become Freemason.

I know that it sounds far-fetched:

  1. Freemasons organize gang stalking.

  2. Freemasons are Luciferianists.

I’m aware that Freemasons won’t like it when I write like that. I also read complaints on other websites.

Now look at the evidence:

If you want to learn to know the Freemasons, then listen to the people who left Freemasonry. Jim Shaw was a Freemason from Florida, who left Freemasonry, and who converted to Christianity. He claimed to be a 33rd degree Freemason, but I don’t know whether that was true. He wrote the book Deadly Deception. This is a quote from Jim Shaw that is circulating on the internet: “All have mental questions to even join in the first place. To be so corrupt… so criminally insane, mentally insane… to gangstalk the helpless… to murder the helpless… to teach their children to hate the “profane,” you and I, the non masons… to worship not 1 but 3 evil gods… to join something and swear to, not having NO idea what you have sworn to… pure insanity !!!… to enjoy little boys and girls… even their own children… and their mothers… themselves in the rituals.”

This quote says clearly: “to gangstalk the helpless…”

In July 1889, Albert Pike was the Sovereign Pontiff of the Universal Freemasonry. He wrote in a letter: “The true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of God.”

The main idea of this website is that gang stalkers are a secret society. If they were not a very sinister secret society, then I should frequently find people who admit that they are or have been gang stalkers.

In theory everyone can participate in gang stalking, but, in the real world, if someone decides that someone has to be stalked, then he gives his name to the Mafia. Even in seemingly simple cases like bullying they work like this. Bullies are trained by parents who are Mafia members.

The Mafia doesn’t call itself Mafia. They call themselves Freemasons until it can be proven that they are organizing crime. Then they are called Mafia. Then they restart the same secret society under a new name. Then they apply again to be recognized as Freemasons. For this reason, I will be treating Freemasons and Mafia as two names for the same thing.

The essence of our problem is that the state has been taken over by the Mafia, but they continue to call themselves Freemasons, so now they are OK, and no one will do something about it. This is one of the major obstacles in exposing this crime. If I say “state” then I mean all politicians, everyone who works in the public sector, and everyone who shares a bit of the authority of the state like doctors, nurses, teachers, notaries and so on. If you want to say something about gang stalking, then you have to call all these people the Mafia. They will oppose this and call you crazy although they know that you’re bloody well right.

Basically, a state is a gang which occupies a territory and robs the people who live there. (Taxes are invented by the Mongols. After they invaded China, the Chinese needed 25 years to rebuild everything. So the Mongols had to wait 25 years before they could loot it again. So the Mongols proposed a tax of 20%. This delivered 5 times more loot. Here in Belgium we pay 47%.)

In theory gang stalking can be done by everyone, but in the real world it’s always the Mafia. The Mafia has infiltrated the state to such an extent that gang stalking by the Mafia is equal to gang stalking by the state. Still, the state will stalk Mafia members of other countries when they arrive on its territory. Desurmont explains this as political gang stalking and apolitical gang stalking.


The history of the Vehmic tribunal has shown that the goal of such behavior is that everyone becomes scared and searches protection by joining a secret society. This has been going on for at least 800 years.

If you join such a secret society then they will ask you to swear:

  1. loyalty to the head of state,

  2. loyalty to the Constitution,

  3. that you will strive to expand the territory.

This seems to be one of the major goals of gang stalking. Swearing loyalty to the Constitution is also very important to the Freemasons.

Clearly, Freemasons organize gang stalking because they are doing their master, Lucifer, a favor.

But, there’s more. Now take a look at this. These are the things that Freemasons hate most of all:

  1. celibacy,

  2. homosexuality.

It’s very easy to connect the dots: gang stalking is organized by Freemasons because they believe that you HAVE to reproduce.

Now take a look at their symbol, the square and compass:

Phallus in uterus God

  1. The square represents the vagina or the earth.

  2. The compass represents the phallus or the sun which impregnates the earth with life-producing rays.

  3. The G means Generation: creation of new life.

So the symbol means phallus in uterus God. It means that hetero sex is God.

Of course, a secret organization that pledges oaths of persecution and that is obsessed with reproduction has to be really bad news for single women and gay men, the usual victims of gang stalking. This becomes visual in gang stalking. This is how they revealed themselves.

Men who are not masculine enough and women who are not feminine enough will often experience harassment.

PDF file icon Gender expression related harassment statistics by Gay-Straight Alliance Network/Tides Center, Transgender Law Center, and National Center for Lesbian Rights (135.4 K, 1 page).

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