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In 1976 the Stasi, the secret service of communist East Germany, started with Zersetzung.

PDF file icon German flag Zersetzung by Wikipedia (182.2 K, 10 pages).

Zersetzung was ordered by Erich Mielke, Minister of State Security, in Guideline 1/76.

PDF file icon German flag Richtlinie Nr. 1/76 zur Entwicklung und Bearbeitung Operativer Vorgänge by Ministerrat der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, Der Minister (176.5 K, 54 pages).

The relevant part has been translated by an unknown person on the internet.

PDF file icon Translated Stasi Directive on Zersetzung by Erich Mielke (9.8 K, 5 pages).

Note that every plan for Zersetzung of a person or a group had to be approved by the Minister or his deputy.

The guideline doesn’t say how or when or for which reason the Zersetzung has to stop. This implies that if it starts, then it’s for life. There’s no exit.

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