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I recommend that you watch these movies first.

“Psychotronic” films

There are a few famous books which claim to document “psychotronic films” but they are not about mind control. These books are rather about weird films.

Psychotronic encyclopedia of film Psychotronic video guide


There are worse things than vampires!

Films have been used in an attempt to expose the System. This is usually tolerated by the authorities because it’s mixed with science-fiction which is clearly impossible.

These films are more influential than gang stalking websites. It’s important to have these films documented and to keep the documentation together in one place.

Most of these films are science fiction films.

PDF file icon Terms, themes and devices in science fiction by George Mann (2.6 MB, 61 pages).

Creatures (giants, zombies, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, robots, aliens, mutants) are often used as an allegory to tell us something about mind control.

For every film or series I make a remark that shows why it’s in the list. This is not the plot.

Warning against Wikipedia: when the end of a film is a bit ambiguous, then usually the Wikipedians will find pleasure in writing something very misleading.



The film trailers are sorted per year and then alphabetically.

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