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Since 2008 I collect all reasonable information about gang stalking of which I think that the average target will be interested.

This website is hierarchical. This is the best design. Every subject has its own small page. But I have also a long overview.

Since the Occupy movement was labeled a terrorist movement, you may expect that the anti-psychotronics movement will also be labeled a terrorist movement, and that the information that we have to offer will face a boycott.

On August 19, 2017 I googled gang stalking. It showed 175 results. It showed only 13 of the more than 180 gang stalking sites with a registered domain name. Most of those 13 sites were notorious disinfo sites like www.DataAsylum.com. The results are obviously censored by the gang stalkers.

Gang stalking is like mobbing, but it’s not limited to the workplace, and you are always harassed in some way and often bothered with electronic devices, especially when you have escaped the presence of the stalkers. The devices can make you hear the voices of your stalkers. They can hear what you say silently to yourself, in your thoughts. They can change your sleeping pattern. They can choose the contents of your dreams. They can make you wet your bed. Normal behavior is random. Gang stalking is timed and repetitive. A skit can be as simple as honking a horn, driving with high beams on, driving with only one light on, showing the same type of vehicle, showing the same color, saying goodbye in the same odd way, arriving at intersections precisely when you arrive, and so on. These skits catch your attention because they are statistically impossible. The stalking actions are repeated intensively. Typically the same skit is repeated more than 30 times per day, while mobbing actions occur typically once per week. You will frequently experience noise campaigns and swarming attacks. (This example of a noise campaign, this example of swarming, and this example of electronic harassment appeared on TV.)

One of the goals of gang stalking is to neutralize the witness protection program. This proves indirectly that it's not the government who is behind gang stalking.

A police officer confirmed that gang stalking is pretty common. There are 10,000 people around the world who claim that they have these same experiences. Many patents claim that they can cause the effects that we experience.

The victims are almost exclusively singles. In some cities they target only gay men. That’s why we call this also bratfree stalking. The great enigma of gang stalking is: why is it so important for the gang stalkers that YOU have children?

There are 150 scientific definitions of organized crime. Depending on the point of view, you get a different definition. You can concentrate on who is doing it, what is being done, why it’s done, how it’s done, who’s the victim and so on. In gang stalking we care about what is being done and how it’s done. That’s why we use the word gang stalking. When we care more about who’s the victim and how it is to be a victim, then we use the word targeted individual.

Gang stalking is a sophisticated criminal enterprise. Gang stalkers habitually commit crimes against persons and property, with extensive use of psychological warfare and military grade electronic weapons.

Harassing someone in group is a very old behavior. It’s the way in which apemen went hunting. But this is new:

Former Professor Eric Karlstrom (Ph. D. geography) started with the theory that gang stalkers are cyborgs.

In the United States, in Europe and in Japan victims agree that gang stalking is organized by secret societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

Activists have always claimed that the “gang” in “gang stalking” doesn’t have to be understood as a real gang like the Bloods and the Crips. This view is wrong. In 2017 there was a trial of 3 people: a policeman, a Blood and a Crip. The policeman had asked the gang members to stalk a woman who had rebuffed him. In return they got tips about criminal investigations. See Asbury Park Press article.

Since the fifties people try to spread the word about gang stalking and electronic harassment via semi-realistic science-fiction films. They are usually low-budget B-films. They are often of high quality and some became cult classics. They reached a large audience, but they don’t claim that these things really happen, and they are not permanently available for everyone. They failed to open the eyes of the masses. I documented hundreds of films and series about gang stalking and electronic harassment in my encyclopedia of mind control films. This includes almost 500 film trailers.

Since the nineties people try to spread the word about gang stalking and electronic harassment via the internet and self-published books and e-books. Because every person without any expertise can have his say on the internet the quality of the online discourse is very low. It has the level of a film that was made by a nobody with a zero budget. It doesn’t impress anyone, and this is logic. Just take a look at the silly gang stalking videos on YouTube. They claim that these things really happen, and the information is permanently available for everyone. But, they failed to inform more than around 10,000 people who are now known as the targeted individual community.

The ideas in this community are shaped under a sort of peer pressure. A good example is the idea that electronic mind control can be done by satellite. Although this idea is clearly delusional, the targeted individual community will shun you if you reject this idea. This pushes people to adopt a delusion. The targeted individual community makes crazies crazier than they already were. Electronic mind control was already going on before the launch of the first satellite.

Another good example is the idea that only the government is to blame for gang stalking. This is clearly delusional. Gang stalking is perpetrated in all countries in just the same way, but there’s no single subject that the government of every country agrees about. Why would they only agree about the way that gang stalking is perpetrated? It doesn’t make sense. Rumor has it that the governments have a treaty with the gang stalkers: the gang stalkers allow the governments to rule and in return the governments allow the gang stalkers to go over their illegal business. Gang stalking happens also in territory without state.

The targeted individual community believes that gang stalking will end in certain circumstances. For example, if they vote a law against it then it will stop. Or, if everyone is informed, then they can’t do that anymore. This view is wrong. There are laws against stalking and everyone knows what stalking is, but stalking cases are increasing. If you count on the Justice system to save you, then you have understood nothing. The Justice system was designed to protect perps and to bash targets. The famous French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre claimed that if corruption is so pervasive then only terrorism can bring change. This explains also why the perps are so concerned about terrorism. The Justice system is the way in which the perps come in public and take control of everyone’s life. Judges have to be replaced with something which is fair for everyone, for example, a computer of which the software is open source. People who think that the Justice system is the solution for gang stalking have surely never seen a courtroom. (I’ve done 2 trials against my landlord and 7 against the employment service.)

After I published this statement about Sartre, this website immediately disappeared from the Google results for gang stalking. Fortunately, I don’t really need Google. Perhaps they should also remove Wikipedia from the Google results, because that’s where I learned about Sartre?

Let’s see how the U.S. diplomats performed as victims of electronic harassment in Cuba:

They were totally helpless and had to run for their life.

Instead of making life more difficult for perps, you could try to make life easier for targets, by demanding, for example:

Some targets carefully weigh their words out of fear of being labeled insane or incredible. This has little benefit. The deniers will still refuse to believe you and you will lose the support of other targets.

Don’t say everything which COULD be true. Here’s a good example of a target who didn’t keep the doors of his mouth.

Prankster activism is a good approach. You can say more with little risk. The Church of Satan and the Church of Euthanasia are good examples.

Randomness is another good tactic. Keep a piece of chalk in your pocket. Write “gang stalking” on the wall or on the street where children can see it when they go to school. Perps hate randomness.

In the past I labeled certain persons and organizations as kooks and fools, as persons who waste your time with what doesn’t make sense. If you want to do that, then write it on your own website, so that you can remove it when you change your opinion, and don’t write it in your email because emails cannot be unsent. In my opinion, I have made the distinction between good and bad activists, real and phony victims for 10 years, and the only result is that everything is complicated. In such a case the best solution is to remove everything and say that “the technology made me do it.”

I have been stalked for so long that the graves of some of my perps have already been removed. 32% of my stalkers are already dead. One of the benefits of being a target is that you don’t have to meet your stalkers, you don’t have to hear their sorry stories, you don’t have to visit them in the hospital and you don’t have to attend their funeral. See my personal stuff.

The archive of gang stalking has been kept by 3 people: Edmund Light, Eleanor White and I.

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An old version of † www.gangstalkingwiki.com was copied to the website of Brian Kimmel.

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Warning against gang stalking on a Santa Barbara street sign
In September 2017 this sign was found hanging from the STOP sign
at Arrellaga and Garden street in Santa Barbara in the USA.

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