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Suspect info:

Nationality USA
Place Illinois
Date of birth unknown
Belief unknown
Convictions unknown
Therapy yes
Medication yes
Type gang stalking
electronic harassment
Bio unknown
Gang stalking He believed that they were trying to kill him by shooting lasers into his heart and brain. He heard voices. He believed that people engaged in shootings because voices in their heads told them to do so. He thought that his home was unsafe. On August 22, 2015, he sent his brother a link to an article about gang stalking.

Incident details:

Date August 28, 2015
Place Illinois
Type threats
Survived yes
Dead 0
Injured 0
Facts On August 26, 2015, he asked his wife to pick him up from his brother’s home and transport him to a mental-health center for treatment, but when she arrived, he refused to seek treatment.

On August 28, 2015 he went to the Sangamon County sheriff’s office. He had not slept in days, was experiencing chest pains, and talked about killing himself and his daughters to prevent the perps from stealing their souls. Detective John McDowell submitted a petition for involuntary admission for emergency treatment.

He refused to submit to any blood draws because he thought that they were lethal injections.

He had to stay in the mental hospital for 90 days.

With the currently available data, I conclude that he was a target of gang stalking since 2015.

PDF file icon Richard P. appeal dismissed by (61.1 K, 14 pages).

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