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This archive contains incidents where the suspect was a targeted individual.

Jiverly Wong is not in this list, because gang stalking doesn’t appear clearly from the letter that he left.

1978 — 1995 MC Former Professor Ted Kaczynski (Ph. D. mathematics)
letter bomb campaign
1991 January 30 EH Delores Hejazi
1994 August 31 GS, V2K William Tager
December 14 GSEH, V2K, implants Ralph Tortorici
2½ hour hostage taking
1996 — 1997 V2K Joseph Washington
threats and letter bomb
2013 July 28 GS Gerald Chudy
August 13 implants Fuaed Abdo Ahmed
12 hour hostage taking
September 16 EH Aaron Alexis
1 hour rampage
2014 November 20 GSEH, V2K † Dr. Myron May (Doctor of Jurisprudence)
2 minute shooting
2015 January 3 GSEH Mohammed Hamidullahkhan
ill treatment
August 28 GSEH Richard P.
November 10 GSEH Maud Oortwijn
threats, ill treatment, stalking, vandalism
2016 July 17 GS Gavin Long
August ? GS Jameel Rawls
2017 December 20 GSEH Andrew Uppole

Professor Kenneth Westhues (Ph. D. sociology) is Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Waterloo, Canada. In nearly every mass shooting, Westhues found that a programmatic system of workplace or academic bullying had systematically isolated, scapegoated and humiliated the victim and virtually groomed the shooter for the role of monster. The role of psychiatry, police, and administrative bureaucracy as threat assessment teams and safety prevention was not only an utter failure, but, moreover, prompted the very acts of mass violence they sought to prevent.

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Mass murder is often in the news. There are more and more shootings. The average number of victims becomes greater.

PDF file icon Mass shootings in the United States by Wikipedia (91.4 K, 5 pages).

School shootings are frequent in the USA.

Some statistics:

School shootings
  • 70% of middle school and high school students experience bullying in school.
  • 27% of students are bullied because of their refusal to engage in common sexual practices.
  • 23% of 9th graders have carried a weapon to school recently.
  • 87% of the attackers were motivated by being bullied.
  • In 85% of bullying incidents, bystanders are involved in teasing the victim or egging on the bully.
  • 47% of students have experienced hazing prior to coming to college.

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The word gang stalking becomes increasingly popular. I foresee that the shooters of the future will claim that they wanted revenge for gang stalking.

Until December 26, 2012, the date of creation of this website, there were no such incidents, but I foresaw that it was just a matter of time before a shooter would mention the word gang stalking.

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The Gangstalker Down Memorial Page was inspired on its distinguished counterpart, the Officer Down Memorial Page.

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