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In 2008 I read the word gang stalking in the comments on a news article. I understood immediately that I had to google this word. This opened my eyes for the fact that there was a connection between all the things that I experienced since 1980. I became fully aware that I was a victim of gang stalking since 1980.

Because I could use the internet only 30 minutes per day in the public library, I copied all websites about gang stalking that I could find. Then I started sifting through the information at home. That’s how this website became the largest website about this subject.

This caused many problems on my computer. (I used a PowerMac G3 with Mac OS 9 in 2008.) It wasn’t designed to process such an amount of files. That’s how I started to create my own software.

That’s why this website is divided in 2 parts: gang stalking and computing.

Gang stalking
Gang stalking
Gang stalking, electronic harassment, implants.
Good software, easy help included.

Principles of the movement

  1. You can’t discuss gangstalking with a gangstalker. Indeed, you can’t prove to anybody that you have the right and the duty to render him harmless.
  2. In the struggle you shouldn’t afford to gangstalkers the means that one affords to every honest opponent because they are no honest opponents.
  3. Gangstalkers are not more intelligent than we, but only more sophisticated and cunning.
  4. Gangstalkers assess our issues always from their perspective. Therefore, usually the opposite of whatever they say is correct.

With these principles the movement to oppose gangstalking has a prospect of success. And therefore, for the first time such a movement is taken seriously and feared by gangstalkers.

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